• Jan
  • 06
  • 2015

We Have Always Done it This Way…

New perspectiveA new hire is a precious asset because they have a fresh perspective on your business. Don’t squander this incredible opportunity. Encourage them to ask questions and then listen to how your organization reacts and answers those questions. It is easy to discount questions which sound naïve because the employee “doesn’t understand how your business works yet.” New hires are my favorite source of learning because they do things that are completely natural to them that can provide valuable learning (if you’re paying attention and not attached to YOUR WAY).

In December we took five people on-site with a customer to kick off a development project, this included a relatively new member of our team. At breakfast on the last day, everyone handed over the hotel bills that were slid under their doors that morning. When I looked at our new team member he said, “I don’t pay attention to paper, doesn’t the hotel e-mail you a receipt?” New team member, fresh perspective, now there is a new more efficient process for executing on the tedious task of expense reports. Why was I collecting the paper receipts that the hotel provided? The only answer I could give was “this is how I’ve always done it.” Why was my team handing over the paper receipts? I’m sure their answer would be because that’s what has been asked of us in the past. When that’s the only answers you can give, it’s time to look at that process to see if your process has kept up to date with what’s changed around it.

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