• Dec
  • 19
  • 2014

6 Signs You’re A Born Marketer

MarketingSome of us wake up everyday to do something that we love – something that we feel like we were born to do.

It feels like the elements required at work come to us naturally – from the way we think to the way we communicate and interact with others. We enjoy it deliberately and crave the challenge because it means that we get to push ourselves forward and become better and better. Learning has never been more fun and stimulating. We just can’t live it any other way.

And if you’re a marketer like me, I’m sure you have recognised some of these signs in yourself from when you were little up until now.


1. You’re always curious about people.

You have the natural curiosity to try to understand people’s thoughts and behaviours – why they are the way they are, why they do what they do, and what the motivations are behind their actions.

You enjoy people watching and reading about their thoughts and the psychology behind things – life stories, success stories, life-changing moments – anything that is about attitudes and motivation intrigues you.

You like to find out what makes people tick and how you can influence them.

As a result of this, you understand people – or at least you’re trying to. You are open-minded and believe that everyone is different and is driven by different things.

2. You have a good eye for design.

You know how important design is to the success of a brand. You can’t stand ugly-looking websites and flyers, nor can you ever purchase a brand with a bad sense of style. Your eyes light up when you see beautiful typography. Ever since your childhood, you’ve always loved going to a cool stationery store. Your work desk is probably full of different colour pens, markers, and post-it notes.

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