• Mar
  • 19
  • 2015

3 Effective Methods to Increase Direct Mail Conversion Rates

Direct Mail Advertising - Arrows Hit in Red Target.Direct mail’s conversion rate hovers around two percent.  Most people discard or recycle pieces of direct mail on a daily basis.  However, copywriters working in the direct mail service work hard to try and minimize the quantity of readers lost at each stage.  The following three tips are provided by direct marketers around the world.

Make a Promise to your Customers

On your direct mail packages, make a clear statement, something to the effect of, “We sell many brands of printer cartridges.’’  Then, make a promise, such as, “We have an unlimited supply of these printer cartridges and will never sell out.”  This makes a statement about you.  Also, it helps to let people know they are working with a business that can fulfill their needs.  The promise is for the customer, and the benefit is clearly stated.  This could seem like elementary copywriting, by leading with a benefit, but often direct mail packages ignore this proven principle.

Make an Offer to your Clients

Making an offer to your clients should be standard with all direct mail packages.  This differs from a promise.  Offers are when your clients are rewarded with something extra for free or a reduced cost.  Common examples include a calculator, better rates for longer subscriptions, with the first 30 days free, and maybe even free garlic bread with the purchase of a pizza.  Also, try offering free shipping, a free report, free consultations, free downloads, free gifts, or maybe free gift wrapping.

Make a Guarantee to your Customers

Direct marketers know buyers are wary about purchasing goods or services over the phone, or by sending back an envelope with a payment.  Therefore, marketers need to guarantee the customers are satisfied.  If not, they are entitled to a full refund.  To make your prospects and purchasers feel more secure, provide them with a bold guarantee that jumps out and gets notices.  Be sure your customers are aware the guarantee protects them should they buy your product.

Wrapping Up the Three Methods

These are three of the most common methods used by direct marketers to increase their conversion rates.  Keep your potential clients engage with a solid promise, a competitive offer, and back everything up with a guarantee.