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  • 27
  • 2013

13 Major Marketing Trends For 2013

Management TechnologyIt’s no secret that marketing has undergone more changes during the past five years than perhaps the preceeding 100 years. Staying current with the dizzying array of technologies and trends has emerged as a daunting and often frustrating task for CMOs. Today, it isn’t enough to be tech-savvy and marketing-smart. There’s also a pressing need to understand the growing assortment of opportunities and risks that confront today’s enterprise. Here are some of the major trends that marketing executives should keep an eye on in the coming year.

(Read the full article here: http://www.forbes.com/sites/timworstall/2013/08/07/fun-number-us-newspaper-advertising-is-now-smaller-than-the-manufacturer-of-andrex-toilet-paper/)